Epistrophy FAQ


communicating with epistrophy is really easy if you follow some rules:

by email (info@epistrophy.de).
enquiries as to when a release is out will be ignored. when a release is ready to be issued, the news will be posted on the website and in our regular newsletters.

enquiries like this are a waste of our time, and although we genuinely do appreciate your support, we must spend our time otherwise occupied.

by normal mail please send abusive letters (only) to

po box 312
30003 Hannover

for packets please use our forwarding address
c/o rockers / c. stadtmüller
weckenstr. 1
30449 hannover

should you require a reply then please enclose a one $ US banknote or some german stamps

demo submissions - we listen to every demo we receive; however we are currently not looking to increase the number of bands upon the label in all honesty. our financial dedication is to the bands we have. but, if you feel you are for some reasons worthy of having a deal, then we might just take notice and help you out so feel free to forward them. punk, hardcore, instrumental music, with lyrics in your native tongue only.no death-, black-, heavy-, new-metal, rap, goth, emo, industrial etc. especially if done by german bands with english lyrics. you are posers and deserve to be keelhauled.

promo requests - our promo list is always open to printed magazines and fanzines first and foremost. e-mails from online webzines saying "send me your promo stuffs, I am an evil d.i.y. webzine" will be laughed at, then ignored. if you write for a magazine (printed) then you must submit two different issues via normal mail to our po box address with your contributions in them.

dealer prices - we are always happy to sell in bulk. contact us for rates.

now here’s the FAQ section:

Q: “I am from XYZ and I want you to send me some free stuff…”
A: “I am from somewhere else and you can please fuck off or write your
silly requests to impact records”

Q: “ I have a diy distribution and I don’t have any money and I want to
get records on consignment”
A: “no”

Q: “I have some really shitty cdrs or dvds, will you trade with me?”
A: “no”